If you are an artist that wants to get your artwork seen, London’s Erotic Art exhibition is a great place to start! We want to hear from up and coming artists in the erotic art genre who want the chance to be part of something different, for exposure and to hopefully sell work. We are the only annual erotic art exhibition and festival in London.

Please note, this is an international art show based in London. So if you are anywhere in the world, we want to hear from you! For our previous exhibitions we had artists flying in from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Canada, Italy, Brazil and more! Everyone is welcome!

We will be posting about the call for art on this website, as well as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you are on the mailing list, we will also send an email out about the call for art being open. Sign up below to get notifications to your inbox.

Erotic Art Exhibition invites artists to submit their work for the second erotic art festival in London. This will be a 4-day art festival that will feature hundreds of quality erotic works in all the art forms.

Before submitting, please read and understand the requirements for submitting your work.

This is a paid submission process and the registration fee is £25 to include up to 5 submissions. Artists may pay an additional £15 to submit an additional 5 pieces (total £40 for 10 pieces submitted).

Date of the festival is 28 April - 1 May 2022

Submission rules and guidelines

  1. Online Submissions only
  2. Deadline for Submission: Sunday 20th February 2022 – NO LATER!
  3. Notification of selected work: on or around Monday 28th February 2022.
  4. Artists are invited to submit Erotic Artwork in any medium and subject matter
  5. All artists 18 years or older worldwide may enter the competition by submitting their own original work.
  6. Erotic Art Exhibition welcomes submissions from both emerging and established artists.
  7. All art work must be of original design – collaborations are acceptable
  8. Art that goes on the wall (drawings, paintings, photography, etc) –  Maximum allowed size: 150cm width x 280cm height.
  9. Floor Art (installation and sculpture) – Maximum allowed size: 300cm height x 80cm depth x 80cm height. MUST is self-supporting or mountable.
  10. For video and performance please send YouTube/Vimeo links to
  11. Artists must keep a signed model release form and a copy of a government ID stating that models were at least 18 years of age and be available at our request
  12. Installations requiring assembly by EAL must have prior approval or be installed the artist. For info about this, email
  13. Artists may submit up to 5 works per £25 submission fee
  14. Only ONE artist name per submission – multiple artist names are not permitted within one submission – please submit one submission per artist name
  15. Image files must be in jpg (jpeg) format
  16. File size requirements: 5MB maximum per image.
  17. A single image of each piece is required sent as SEPARATE ATTACHMENTS NOT EMBEDDED / PASTED IN THE EMAIL If you are unsure on this, please zip your images up and use to send the images to
  18. All art for sale should be priced by the artist. Erotic Art Exhibition charges a 40% commission on all sold work. Please be clear on submission if your work is for sale and state the price including our commission in the appropriate box on the form(s) provided.
  19. All submissions received will be viewed and selected by a jury formed by Erotic Art Exhibition
  20. Selected Work: The Jury will select the work after the deadline and if your work is selected, it must arrive presentation ready (framed or ready to be installed with rear hanging attachments) – consider these costs when pricing your work.  Please so not send work no framed and ready to hang – we simply won’t be able to exhibit the work.
    1. If your work is accepted, shipping TO AND FROM the exhibition and the costs associated with it is the responsibility of the Artist. This also includes customs and tracking of art. Due to the high number of art work being sent to us before the festival, we will not have any opportunity to notify artists when we receive their artwork – it is the responsibility of the Artist to follow deliver right through to delivery.  Please do not ask EAL if artwork has been delivered – check your tracking.  Some artists from the USA may have work held by customs – please ensure you use YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS when booking couriers so they can notify you of any customs messages.  If you follow our instructions on customs, you should be able to avoid customs fees or at least pay very little.  Further instructions will be sent to artists who are accepted.
  21. The entry fee is not refundable.
  22. No entries will be accepted after the deadline Sunday 20th February 2022 at 11.59pm.  PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR AN EXTENSION – GET YOUR WORK AND SUBMISSIONS PREPARED IN GOOD TIME.
  23. This call for entries is competitive; entrants are not guaranteed inclusion in the exhibition by submitting an entry. Depending on the number and the quality of the entries received, the work of an entrant may or may not be curated into the show. The selection of the jurors is final.
  24. This entry also gives the Erotic Art Exhibition the permission to use your artwork for marketing proposes.
  25. All accepted artists will be notified by email on Monday 28th February 2022 (or thereabouts) ONLY if you have been accepted will you be notified. If you do not hear from us, unfortunately this means you have not been selected. Please be sure to check your junk / spam folders.  Please do not email EAL asking if you have been accepted – if you have been accepted, you will received an acceptance email from us with further instructions.
  26. The jury panel’s decision is final – no correspondence will be entered into about submission selections.
  27. Erotic Art Exhibition will take every reasonable precaution to ensure protection of selected work but will assume no responsibility for loss or damage from any cause including the show, installing, shipping to and from the event.
  28. Erotic Art Exhibition reserves the right to withdraw work whose quality is not reflected in the images/videos submitted, or if the artist violates any requirements (model release form/ID if needed, not meeting subsequent deadlines etc)
  29. The Artist shall hold Erotic Art Exhibition harmless from and against any loss, expense, or damage occasioned by any claim, demand, suit, or recovery arising out of the exhibition or sale of work, or for the use of the work by the Erotic Art Exhibition in the promotion and advertising of the exhibition.
  30. Submission of entry in to this competition automatically constitutes the entrant’s acceptance of all competition rules.

Please send in the entry fee first (see the payment options at the bottom of the page), and then submit your images by e-mail to

Please indicate the theme / title of your set of art work in the subject line.

How to prepare your files for submission

File names:

lastname_title or lastname_title_number.

File names of maximum 40 characters should only contain letters of the English alphabet and underscores.

Titles may be shortened (please avoid very long file names), and they should be given without spaces in the file name.

No spaces in the file names please.


The image titled ‘A Red Day by Henry Hole’ would have this file name: ‘Hole_ARedDay.jpg’;

The third untitled image by Henry Hole: ‘Hole_Untitled_3.jpg’;

The second photograph of the series “Tea Tree” by Henry Hole: ‘Hole_TeaTree_2.jpg’.


In the body of your submission e-mail please include:

  1. Your full name (and any alias name if required);
  2. Your city and country (with the state abbreviation if USA e.g TN is Tennessee);
  3. Your website address (if you have one);
  4. Social media account handles (e.g. for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other):
  5. Titles of all included images with the corresponding file names (in case of a series, please number the photos of the series, and indicate the title of the series, if it has one or state if original, limited edition of x copies etc);
  6. The actual or desired size of work when framed (in cm)


Erotic Art Exhibition will send notifications with instructions, dates and times for delivery and shipping of work to the exhibition to the artists that get their work chosen to be shown at the event. PLEASE PAY STRICT ATTENTION TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU RECEIVE THEM.


If you are unsure how and where to get your work printed and framed, Erotic Art Exhibition recommends you contact Snappy Snaps in Soho  This is great if you are an international artist so you can shop your work rolled or a print copy ready to be framed by Snappy.

Your work will then also be delivered to the gallery in the correct time slot by Snappy.


Make sure you read through the submissions guidelines and rules properly before submitting your work. 

Check list:

  • Is all information we have requested in your submissions email?
  • Have you also completed the spreadsheet and attached to your submissions email?
  • Have you also downloaded the example submissions spreadsheet to ensure you have followed the guidelines properly?
  • Correct payment has been made?
  • The size of your files are correct within our guidelines?
  • Your file names have been named correctly as per our instructions above?

IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE PRESENTED TO THE JURY AND YOUR SUBMISSION WILL BE MARKED AS INVALID. Please do not email us asking about this – please read the above and make sure you do as required. 

If you have any problems downloading the excel spreadsheet, please email us for further instructions.

Acceptance in to the exhibition

If you are successful and chosen to exhibit your work at the exhibition, we will notify you via email.  Please make sure our email address is added to your email whitelist so we do not end up in your spam folder.  You will also be added to the list of exhibitors which will be posted on the website and social media.

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE US ASKING IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL.  We can only notify successful applicants.  Please appreciate the sheer amount of artists we have to manage so can’t answer individual emails about whether you have been successful.  You will know if you have been selected as we will contact you.

We do not offer refunds if you do not send your artwork in time, or if your work is not submitted due to not correctly following the submission instructions.

Please select how many pieces you would like to submit from below and proceed to Paypal payment:

Submission cost